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Outdoor Furniture

Nothing says summer time more than being able to have the morning tea on the terrace, outdoors with the birds chirping in the trees. Though you may still need to wear slippers and a warm sweater early in th day, the feeling of being outside in the garden is just as pleasing on the first as on the last day of summer. During the warmest days, it is really possible to just linger outside and refrain from going inside whatsoever – just bring a book, a podcast or take the opportunity of simply enjoying doing nothing, lounging about in a hammock or a hang swing.

If you are located in one of the more windier or perhaps rainier areas of the country, an outdoor terrace with a roof, or even glazed in with large windows can give you the opportunity of choosing when to let in the summer, and when to leave it outside! These can still be warm enough to enjoy for another month after the summer has departed. Except for these facilities you also need proper garden furniture to be comfortable and these come in all shapes and materials. Dare to think outside the box and go for a larger outdoor sofa, maybe even a full group of lounge furniture instead of just an ordinary table with four chairs. There are numerous different designs of chairs which lets you be comfortable and sunbathe but also can be sat up straight to easily access a table.

The different types of garden furniture also comes in different materials, all with their different abilities. Metal can be easier to carry, stack and store in a storage room for the winter, but metal furniture are also more prone to rust. Wood are a lot heavier to move, but can withstand the weather well, and also looks more natural in a garden. Plastic has its own advantages, as being easy to keep clean and store, but also breaks easier than either of the other two. The most important aspect though is that your garden furniture can still be left outside in bad weather conditions, without you having to worry about wear and tear. Our favourites are the ones made to look natural, like a plastic imitation of rattan, which is more solid and easier to keep clean than the actual wood material.

At last, be creative with your outdoor space and make a space where you want to spend time. Add some nice decorations, lanterns, pillows and take care of your plants and flowers. If your terrace or garden doesn't feel cozy or homely you probably won't spend too much time there, even if the weather would allow. Comfortable garden chairs, a full, cushioned garden group or a hang swing will surely be the summer's new favourite spots for all members of the family.