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Resin Wicker Furniture

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Resin Wicker Furniture . . .The Best of Both Worlds

When you are planning the decor for a backyard deck, a poolside retreat, a rooftop garden, or a sun room, there's nothing that can compare to the style and sophistication of resin wicker furniture. Wicker outdoor furniture fits perfectly with any decor and is especially sought after for decorating casual areas.



Why is Resin Wicker Furniture the Best Choice?

First impressions are important. You've spent countless hours and probably made quite a financial investment to achieve the perfect look of your home's interior. With resin wicker furniture, you can easily carry on that same look of style and sophistication through to your outdoor decor. Here's what makes resin wicker furniture stand out from the rest:



Elegant Styling & A Classic Look

When choosing your outdoor furniture, of course the first feature to take into account is the way it looks. The Outdoor Furniture Shop has created a line of resin wicker furniture to meet the demands of your impeccable taste. We chose smooth, modern lines, and a classic European design. Knowing that this investment will last throughout the years, we purposefully chose a design that would not go out of style. Top designers know that overly ornate looks come and go with trends, but smooth lines that are contemporary and sophisticated will hold their appeal from one decade to the next.

Because we offer large pieces, sets and sectional resin wicker furniture, we wanted our customers to be able to build upon their set over the years. You might purchase a three piece set today, add a cushion storage chest when winter comes around, and invest in a day bed next spring when your garden begins to bloom. That's exactly why we chose the design that makes up the unique look of our resin wicker furniture line.



Long Lasting & Durable

Our resin wicker furniture offers you the best of both worlds. When we were in the planning stages of our business, we realized that the most elegant and beautiful outdoor furniture lacked in durability. On the other hand, the opposite was also true. The outdoor furniture that held up best during severe weather was not attractive to look at.

Because of this problem, The Outdoor Furniture Shop saw the need to provide our customers with the best of both worlds. That is what makes our line of resin wicker furniture so unique.

Not only is our outdoor furniture stylish enough to grace even the most luxurious homes, it is also built to withstand the test of time, holding up under heavy traffic and extreme weather. Here are some of the outstanding durability features of our resin wicker furniture line:

  • Constructed according to commercial grade standards.
  • Double reinforced frame.
  • Made to hold extreme weight without damage (up to 350 lbs)
  • Manufactured from materials that resist sagging or becoming distorted.
  • Perfectly suited for high traffic areas.
  • Won't lose its shape, tear, or sag.
  • UV resistant, so it won't fade when exposed to the sun. No need to paint or do anything to bring back the original luster, because it won't lose its "like new" appearance.
  • Easy to clean with simple soap and water. Stain resistant and waterproof.
  • Sturdy construction is safe for all weather conditions.
  • Safe around chemicals that are found in pool areas and outdoor decks.



Extremely Versatile

Yes, our line of resin wicker furniture was designed especially for outdoor use, but that doesn't mean it's not elegant enough to be brought indoors. Many of our customers and commercial clients love the elegant appeal so much that they use our line indoors.

Our dining room set is perfect for entertaining on the back deck or in a casual dining room. Our sectionals can easily be brought indoors and used in a smart, contemporary family room. Our day bed and chaise lounge are ideal for lounging in the garden or brought indoors to be used in the sun room. Even the cushion storage bin is perfect for storage indoors. Out on the deck it can hold and protect your cushions, but brought indoors, it is the perfect hideaway for extra blankets, family games, magazines, or anything else you'd like to have handy but not in plain view. Wherever you decide to use our resin wicker furniture, outdoors or inside, you will be pleased with the results.



Customer Satisfaction & Free Delivery

Our dedication to excellence would not be complete without the finest customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Our customer service line is available to answer your product questions, help you complete your order, and provide shipping information. From your first visit to our website, we will make sure you feel right at home. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


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