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Resin Rattan Furniture

Designer line of contemporary outdoor wicker furniture

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Resin Rattan Furniture...Functionality at Its Finest

Whether you are planning the layout for a high end spa, a resort lobby, or your own beautiful outdoor retreat, resin rattan furniture is the ultimate choice for functionality and durability.

The Outdoor Furniture Shop's unique and contemporary lines include the finest in functionality and quality, with resin rattan furniture suited for outdoor dining, outdoor sectional seating, chaise lounges, and outdoor daybeds. With stylish seating and unmatched durability, you can offer your guests or clients the ultimate in comfort whether used indoors or outdoors.



Why Resin Rattan Furniture?

Resin rattan furniture, also known as weatherproof wicker, has the look and style of natural wicker, but is extremely durable and will hold up after years of wear, while traditional wicker will not.


Natural wicker, which was used in times past, was often sought after for furniture manufacturing because of its beautiful woven appearance. Individuals, especially those interested in creating a tropical or peaceful atmosphere, began to use wicker to bring a pleasant ambience to sun rooms, verandas, and outdoor decks. Unfortunately, natural wicker is not well suited for furniture production. Over time, the natural fibers break down, the color wears and fades, the wicker becomes brittle and cracks, and it eventually becomes unusable. Although beautiful, natural wicker doesn't hold up very well in the outdoors and is not well suited for furniture.

On the other hand, resin rattan furniture is created from synthetic materials, and provides the look and elegance of wicker, without the undesirable qualities. As a matter of fact, synthetic wicker will hold up after years of continued use and is virtually unaffected by the elements.

Outdoor Furniture Shop uses a specific type of imported synthetic wicker, especially created for our line of beautiful and contemporary resin rattan furniture. Because we wanted to provide a product that would be a quality investment for our customers, our resin rattan furniture has the following qualities:

  • Our resin rattan furniture won't become brittle, crack or tear.
  • It is sturdy, durable and the frame is manufactured according to strict, commercial grade standards.
  • Our resin rattan furniture is waterproof, wind resistant, and will not fade or become discolored by the sun.
  • Worried about pool chemicals? Don't be. Your resin rattan furniture won't be affected or damaged by chlorine or other chemicals found and used around your deck.
  • Our furniture has been carefully designed with you in mind. Not only is it contemporary and elegant in style, and well suited for the most luxurious homes, but the design is also ergonomically correct to provide the ultimate in comfort and back support.
  • Resin rattan furniture is extremely easy to clean. Since the material is synthetic, you won't have the problems associated with natural fibers, such as soaking in stains, odors, and bacteria growth. Resin rattan can be cleaned with regular soap and water, is stain proof, odor free, and is non-porous, so it will not provide an environment for mold or bacteria growth. This is an important feature for families or individuals who battle with allergies or other air born bacteria issues.



What About the Cushions?

We provide quality seating and a standard of excellence in everything we do. Of course, that includes the durable and comfortable cushions. They are manufactured out of extra thick, breathable material for ultimate comfort and have also been ergonomically shaped to provide the exact back support you need for hours of pleasant, relaxing lounging.

The cushion covers are stain, dirt, and water resistant, washable, and created from 100% polyester for ease of care. The cushion covers are removable, of course, although the seams and zippers are hidden from view. Our designers thought of every detail when creating our resin rattan furniture line.

We also offer quality wicker storage chests, available in several sizes. They provide the perfect protection for your cushions when not in use. As a bonus, the storage chests double as a coffee table.



Resin Rattan Furniture...A Smart Investment

Because our resin rattan furniture is unique and contemporary yet also has the ability to hold up in high traffic areas as well as all weather conditions, it is perfect for commercial use. While many hotels, spas, and restaurants recognize the benefits of resin rattan furniture, many of the available styles lack in individuality. Our furniture is ideal for commercial use, but doesn't have that standard commercial feel. Our sophisticated styles are sure to make a memorable first impression and cause even the most discriminating guests to feel right at home.

Isn't it about time you experienced the true luxury, durability, and superior craftsmanship of our beautiful resin rattan furniture?

At The Furniture Shop, we pride ourselves on setting the bar for excellence. We promise to always provide you with the best customer service, free shipping, and a satisfaction guarantee that goes above and beyond our competition. Call us today. You'll be glad you did.

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