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Rattan Furniture for All Weather


Nearly everybody places a large amount of emphasis on their home's interior design. Some people spend hours upon end searching through furniture stores for the perfect piece to complement their living room, bedroom, or dining room. Unfortunately, the same amount of attention and care is usually not endowed upon the typical American backyard. Many home owners simply place some weather-resistant plastic chairs on their patio to accommodate potential visitors.

However, weather-safe furniture does not have to be gaudy and unattractive. With rattan furniture and wicker furniture, you can create a stunning outdoor living space that will both impress your visitors and add style to your backyard.

Rattan furniture is created from the bark of the rattan tree, a type of palm tree that grows in Africa and Australia. This material's natural properties make it very ideal for furniture use. It accepts paints and stains remarkably well, so it can be styled to suit any design theme. Furthermore, it can easily be covered with a weatherproof coating that makes the rattan furniture perfect for outdoor use. Rattan tree bark can also be further refined to create wicker furniture. The inner core of the rattan bark is separated into fine fibers, which are then manipulated by craftsmen to form a durable, weather-safe material. Wicker furniture can also be fashioned through synthetic means. With synthetically produced wicker furniture, factory-made substances (usually plastics) are weaved together and painted to form a product with a very natural look. This type of furniture possesses essentially the same features as rattan furniture (although synthetically produced furniture tends to be slightly more durable). The differences between rattan furniture and wicker furniture are mostly stylistic; both varieties are very sturdy, very versatile, and ideal for outdoor usage.

Rattan furniture and wicker furniture even look like they belong outdoors. Because rattan furniture is created from a natural tree and synthetic wicker furniture is designed to look just like it, pieces made in this style mesh right in with innumerable different backyard styles. These types of furniture are perfect for a tropical theme, an African theme, a garden party theme, and more. Furthermore, these pieces can be painted and stained to attain any specific look that you might desire, and the possibilities are truly endless.

However, the best feature of rattan furniture is that it can be simply left outdoors when you are finished with it. Rain falls right off of this type of furniture, and after decorating your outdoor living space with wicker furniture, you should not have to worry about the state of your backyard after a heavy storm.

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