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When you are planning the patio furniture for your outdoor sanctuary, be sure to take into consideration what your patio or deck's main purpose will be. Every family is unique, so taking a look at your hobbies, outdoor activities, and how often you entertain guests is key.

Patio Furniture Checklist: Meeting the Needs of Your Family

Here's a quick checklist to use when assessing your patio furniture needs.
  • How often does your family spend time outdoors?
  • What does your family currently use the deck or patio for? This may include swimming, if you have a pool, dining, if you have a barbeque grill or outdoor kitchen, entertaining guests, annual gatherings such as family reunions, and more.
  • Would you spend more time outdoors if you had the right patio furniture?
  • How much available space do you have on your patio? Is there enough room for an outdoor dining set and sectional seating?
  • Do you have ample seating, such as chaise lounges or an outdoor daybed around the pool area? The pool deck is a perfect area to relax and unwind after a long day.
  • Does your family like to sunbathe? Would you work outside with your laptop if you had the appropriate patio furniture?
  • Do you have small children or live in an area with particularly harsh elements? If so, you need to consider the durability factor when assessing your outdoor patio furniture needs.
  • What's your fashion sense? If you are looking for upscale outdoor patio furniture that will continue the look and style of the interior of your home, you'll want to look for the smooth, straight lines, and a modern, upscale appearance.
By asking yourself the above questions, you will have an idea of what you like to do outside, how you can benefit from additional patio furniture, and whether or not you have room for additional seating or possibly even outdoor dining. Now that you have an idea of how you'd like to arrange your patio furniture and what your needs are, it's time to think about design, quality, and durability:

Upscale, Contemporary Style

First impressions are important. Your outdoor living space doesn't have to be overrun by plastic furniture and folding lounge chairs. Instead, take the same decorating approach that you did when selecting the furnishings for your home's interior.
The patio furniture offered by the Outdoor Furniture Shop is designer quality, and the modern tropical look of our synthetic wicker will work perfectly with any decor.
As an added benefit, all of our pieces are perfectly matching, so you can move from one area to the next, such as lounging by the pool to outdoor dining, while maintaining the same, elegant feel and appearance.

The Durability Factor

Our sophisticated patio furniture offers you the best of both worlds. It doesn't just look good, but will stand up to the elements and last throughout the years. When we were first searching for the right designer and manufacturer for our wicker furniture line, we realized that the most elegant and beautiful outdoor furniture lacked in durability.
On the other hand, the opposite was also true. The patio furniture that held up best during severe weather was not designer quality. Because of this unique problem, we knew we had a winning idea. We hired top designers who worked tirelessly to create an exclusive line of patio furniture that was luxurious and beautiful enough for the most discriminating taste, but also would continue to look like new after years of wear and tear.

How durable is our wicker patio furniture? Here are some of the outstanding features:
  • A Double reinforced frame.
  • Stain resistant.
  • Constructed according to commercial grade standards. Perfect for private homes or high-traffic hotels, restaurants and spas.
  • Manufactured from imported synthetic wicker, especially created to resist sagging, tearing or losing its shape.
  • Will hold up under extreme weight without damage (up to 350 lbs)
  • UV tested, so it won't fade when exposed to the sun's damaging rays.
  • Easy to clean with simple soap and water. Stain resistant and waterproof.
  • Heavy and wind resistant.
  • Safe for all weather conditions.
  • Safe around chemicals that are found in pool areas and outdoor decks.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Durable, stylish, and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. That's what Outdoor Furniture Shop provides. What more could you want? Well, once again, we knew neither of these qualities would be enough without a high commitment to excellence. We took care of that too.

From your first contact with our shop, to your order, questions you may have for our friendly customer service department, to your fast, dependable shipping, we aim to impress you! We have built a client list of thousands of satisfied customers, and we want you to be one of them. That's why we are committed to going the extra mile and doing what it takes to satisfy you. Why? Because every customer is our most important customer!

Because we offer large pieces, sets and sectional resin wicker furniture, we wanted our customers to be able to build upon their set over the years. You might purchase a three piece set today, add a cushion storage chest when winter comes around, and invest in a day bed next spring when your garden begins to bloom. That's exactly why we chose the design that makes up the unique look of our outdoor patio furniture line.

Customer Satisfaction & Free Delivery

Wait, there's still more! Our dedication to excellence would not be complete without the finest customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Our customer service line is available to answer your product questions, help you complete your order, and provide shipping information once you've ordered your patio furniture.

Your satisfaction is our satisfaction!


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