Outdoor Storage Bench

Outdoor Storage Bench

The stylish cushion box is made of high-quality weatherproof woven poly rattan.

Swiss Design
Weather Resistant (sun/rain/snow)
Stainless Structure
Up to 350 lbs.
Easy to Clean


Storage Benches Made from Synthetic Rattan


  Officially called Cushion Storage Benches, our benches are great for providing space for a whole lot more than just cushions. They are a clever way to hide things like seat covers, toys and inflatable pool equipment; even cleaning supplies, charcoal for the grill or soil and seeds for the garden. Anyone who frequently eats outdoors can stash extra linens, napkins, paper plates and plastic cups inside. Ah, and there is, of course, always room left for some cushions.

Whether it is a small balcony in the city, a large porch in the country or a cabana by the pool, an outdoor storage bench will fit perfectly in any environment.

Choose our Small Box for a low bench option, just over a foot tall. The Middle Box and Big Box are taller, more spacious versions, comparable to a chest or trunk.

One of the best features of an outdoor storage bench is the fact that it can also do double-duty as a coffee table to hold beverages or snacks. The surface can be left as is, or a piece of glass or plexiglass, cut to size, can be placed on top for a smoother finish. To gain access to interior contents, lift the glass in conjunction with the lid or simply set it to the side. Another option is to put a cushion on top so it can be used for a seat. This will provide added comfort and an extra dash of color.


Benefits of Synthetic Rattan

When it comes to selecting outdoor furniture pieces, nothing is better than synthetic rattan. Not only is it less expensive and more durable than natural rattan, but it is also good for the environment. Typically, the resin and plastics that are used to make the synthetic rattan weave are wrapped around an aluminum frame. This makes for a very lightweight product that is easy to lift up, carry and move around. Because rattan has such a classic look, many people choose to purchase a synthetic outdoor storage bench that is the same color as the natural fiber. However, it is available in various shades for the more adventurous buyer.

An outdoor storage bench made from synthetic rattan offers all the pleasing aesthetic qualities of natural rattan, without the negative side effects. While natural rattan is susceptible to environmental conditions like fading from harsh sunlight and damage from inclement weather, synthetic rattan is UV resistant and will not fade from prolonged sun exposure. In addition, it is unaffected by mold and rust, even if left outside in inclement weather. As far as basic maintenance is concerned, the furniture can be cleaned with soap and water to remove any dirt, dust and other debris.