Outdoor Patio Tables

Outdoor Patio Tables

Modern and stylish tables - individually and in sets

Weather Resistant (sun/rain/snow)
Stainless Structure
Up to 350 lbs.
Easy to Clean


All-weather Resin Rattan Chairs & Tables


The stylish ESPACE and LINEA outdoor furniture series offer modern luxury combined with high-end craftsmanship and quality. Both furniture lines include comfortable chairs, be it for dining, lounging or relaxing, as well as matching tables.


LINEA: elegant patio sitting chairs and glass-top tables

Every meal, project or moment of rest will be a special pleasure.

Outdoor-Furniture-Shop.com’s new bestsellers come individually or as a well coordinated dining set. Now it is easy to enjoy this unusual and exquisite combination of our high-quality dining table and super comfortable armchairs.

Tables come in two sizes, medium and large, and their aluminum frame construction with extra braces makes them extremely sturdy and rugged. The legs are removable for easy transport and storage if necessary.

The chairs feature ergonomically shaped backrests and provide optimal support.


ESPACE: sink in and drift away

Extra thick cushions distinguish the ESPACE series. They provide for a high degree of sitting comfort and allow you to rest, drift away and even sleep if you so like.

Stability and durability are increased through a double reinforced frame and double tension straps.


Superior, all-weather synthetic rattan

Synthetic rattan is easily one of the best materials around for providing truly comfortable and beautiful outdoor furniture. It holds up better to difficult weather conditions than wood, natural fibers or even simple plastics.

At the heart of our products are thick and superior 4- and 6-strand welded poly-rattan fibers that can sustain the stresses of frequent use, moves, pets and jumping “backyard warriors.”

All our furniture is dirt, water and corrosion resistant, and you can even pressure wash it if necessary.

The beautiful weave of synthetic rattan presents a fully textured seating area that won't unravel and poke at guests the way natural rattan tends to do as it ages. When you find a set of synthetic rattan dining furniture you love, you can safely assume you'll be able to use and enjoy it for many years without watching it deteriorate. Each synthetic rattan outdoor dining set will provide years of comfortable use, and all you’ll ever need to change are the colors of your pillow cases.


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