Outdoor Dining Series Linea

With our stylish LINEA series we offer trendy furniture of extra high quality!

Swiss Design
Weather Resistant (sun/rain/snow)
Stainless Structure
Up to 350 lbs.
Easy to Clean


Linea Dining Set for 4 to 6 Persons

  With our stylish LINEA dining series we offer trendy furniture of extra high quality!
Our new bestsellers will convince you in terms of sitting and comfortable outdoor dining, an exquisite design and a high degree of functionality.

The smaller Outdoor Dining Table Group includes a high-quality table with a glass tabletop and four (4) matching armchairs for optimal sitting comfort in any setting.


Linea – Trendy Patio Dining Furniture of Extra High Quality

Our furniture features a double reinforced frame for high stability and double tension straps for increased sitting and outdoor dining comfort. The extra thick cushions provide for a high degree of sitting comfort. Removable legs on the tables enable space-saving storage. The dirt and water resistant seat covers made of 100% polyester have hidden seams and zippers. The extra strong poly rattan fibers guarantee long durability!

Buy our new outdoor dining bestsellers as a stylish and functional set: Enjoy this unusual and exquisite combination of our high-quality dining table and six super comfortable dining armchairs! Every meal will be a special pleasure! The aluminum frame construction with extra braces makes the frames extremely sturdy and rugged! Pure luxury: You will be excited about our stylish outdoor dining table set!
The extra strong poly rattan fibers of our outdoor dining sets guarantee long durability and are very easy to clean.


Comfortable Outdoor Dining with Synthetic Rattan

Imagine having the stunning look of rattan furniture waiting for an outdoor dining opportunity on your patio. Unfortunately, natural rattan furniture is susceptible to damage from rain, sun, and general weather damage. Synthetic rattan is the best answer out there for anyone looking for the look of rattan furniture without the indoor only requirement. To get the natural look of a rattan dining set for your outdoor space, you'll need to use outdoor dining sets make from synthetic rattan.


Why Use Synthetic Rattan for Outdoor Dining?

Synthetic rattan is easily one of the best materials around for providing a truly comfortable and beautiful outdoor dining experience. Synthetic rattan holds up better to difficult weather conditions than either wood or simple plastic, and the smaller weave and enhanced flexibility even helps synthetic rattan have a durability edge when compared furniture made from synthetic wicker alone even when both choices are technically made from the same compound.
Rattan furniture provides a comfortable outdoor dining experience that will leave you and your guests wishing it was always appropriate to eat outside. Synthetic rattan has all of the same easy to match natural look of natural rattan, minus the aging and weather damage that natural rattan will quickly start to show. A well chosen synthetic rattan dining set will be able to stay beautiful and usable on your deck or patio for years to come.


Dining at its Most Comfortable

The beautiful weave of synthetic rattan presents a fully textured seating area that won't unravel and poke at guests the way natural rattan tends to do as it ages. When you find a set of synthetic rattan dining furniture you love, you can safely assume you'll be able to use it for many years without watching weather damage turn your furniture into garbage. Each synthetic rattan outdoor dining set will provide years of comfortable use, with only the occasional weather proof cushion needing a change to match new tastes or new conditions.
There are no options out there more perfect for creating a true outdoor dining space than synthetic rattan furniture. Synthetic rattan provides the comfort and durability you need to relax outside. While you may find dining sets made of other materials that seems alright at first, only synthetic rattan can stand up to the weather and provide your family with outdoor dining for years to come.