Company Interview with Marc Fischer and Steffen Schau, Directors of

It's always nice to know the people and vision behind a company you are doing business with, and Outdoor Furniture Shop is no different. As a company, Outdoor Furniture Shop strives for excellence in both products and service. As our customer, your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Marc Fischer (CEO) and Steffen Schau (CFO) are members of the Board of Directors of Mergemedia AG, Germany. The two partnered together with a vision to transform the outdoor furniture industry, and they are doing just that. With a smart, sophisticated line of outdoor furniture that combines quality, style, and durability, Outdoor Furniture Shop is bringing options to the consumer that were never available before. Here's a recent interview with Marc and Steffen:

Who is Mergemedia AG?

Marc: Mergemedia AG is a highly successful full service E-Commerce company, based in Germany, with its shares traded on the Frankfurt stock exchange. As expert E-Commerce consultants who advise some of the top Fortune 500 companies in a variety of German industries, Mergemedia AG already owned several online outdoor shops when they developed their vision to branch out to the United States.

What Made You Decide to Bring Your Outdoor Furniture Line to the United States?

Steffen: After our many business travels to the U.S., Marc and I saw a real need for a unique line of outdoor furniture. We'd already been successfully selling our line in Germany for over three years, with sales reaching over 1 million in just the first year. This alone told us that consumers appreciated our outdoor furniture's unique blend of durability, quality and contemporary appearance. Since we already had built relationships in the U.S., we knew this was a good fit.

What Makes the Outdoor Furniture Shop Different than Other Retailer's?

Marc: We believe we offer the whole package. First of all, our outdoor furniture is completely unique. It is commercial grade in quality, and built to last through even the harshest weather conditions. Our manufacturers have combined this durability with a style and elegant appearance that can't be found anywhere else. We also pride ourselves on our level of customer service. Bottom line? We strive for excellence in all that we do.
Additionally, because our designers are based in Switzerland, we have a very strong relationship with our manufacturer. This relationship is passed on to the consumer with highly affordable prices.

What is Your Philosophy For Business Success?

Steffen: We keep it simple. Our philosophy for success lies in our commitment to offering the highest quality product at the most affordable prices. When combined with the standards of service we hold ourselves to, it creates a win/win situation for all involved.

When a consumer calls our toll-free customer service line, they will always reach a live person who is ready to answer their questions. All of the items you see on our website are always 'in-stock' and ready for shipment. Orders are shipped within a 24-hour window of receiving payment. Basically we provide the same level of service we would want to receive from a trusted company.

What Do You See For the Future of Outdoor Furniture Shop?

Marc: Because of the fact that we've been in the E-Commerce business for so many years, we know the Outdoor Furniture Shop has a strong future. Our plan is to provide an online experience that our customers will want to return to again and again. Because of our stable and established outdoor furniture line, customers will be able to extend their existing sets or purchase matching accent pieces. Corporate or commercial buyers, such as hotel or spa owners, can purchase with confidence, knowing that we will still be here when they are ready to expand and need to match the furnishings they already have acquired.

Basically, our goal is to provide the best possible merchandise and the highest level of commitment to the consumer. Whether our customer is purchasing one chaise lounge or furnishing an entire hotel, we want them to know that they are our number one priority.